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Access program

Compassionate access through Mezzion Pathway.

Expanded Access Programs (EAPs)

EAPs, also known as compassionate use and preapproval access programs, were created to help give patients who are not able to join clinical trials access to treatments.

To be eligible for EAPs, patients must:

  • Have a serious or life-threatening condition
  • Have no appropriate treatment options
  • Not be eligible and able to participate in a clinical trial of the investigational therapy

Request for more information:
Mezzion is working hard to develop an EAP for udenafil. If you or your patient would like to submit questions about the program, or if you are a treating physician who would like information on how to request compassionate access to Mezzion investigational or unlicensed therapies, please fill out the form below.

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You can also email us at Please do not include any personal information about you or your patient in your email request for information, such as current condition, treatment diagnosis, etc.

For both options, you can expect to be contacted by a representative within 48 business hours.

Mezzion’s mission is to give hope to every patient with a rare disease. As a part of that mission, we are committed to providing ethical access to investigational therapies.

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